In the darkest of winters comes the brightest of tales...

Two characters eternally on the run, but from whom or what?   Sheltering from the storm outside, they share tales of distant times and faraway lands, waiting...

A new theatre show, designed for all audiences. A journey through the shortest days, before the new life of spring. It draws upon tales of deepest winter from Japan, Russia and across Europe.


It includes shadow puppets, hand puppets and traditional Japanese street theatre. The stories and songs could not be more diverse: from the joyful to the dark, the new and the familiar, all performed by the company of travelling strangers.

The production is rich in original music, composed and performed by award-winning composer, Alastair Collingwood. The show is produced in partnership with Dogwood Productions.

This show is flexibly designed and suitable for small theatres, arts and community centres and even pubs. It tours with its own sound and light systems and is available from October 2021 to February 2022.


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Written for the show, 'Open The Door'

was released to support Crisis At Christmas.

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