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Scrap is a family show aimed at audiences aged 6+. Devised by the company, its roots are to be found in a Nepalese traditional fairy tale, updated for audiences today. 


Scrap gently explores the eternal theme of finding new life in the most unexpected places. With a message of renewal and recycling at its heart, it’s the story of a young boy and his journey through the magical world of the Dump. From the unwanted and unvalued new life emerges for an epic adventure.


The show seamlessly combines a human cast with puppets and is driven by a powerful original soundtrack and new songs. It is flexibly designed to fit a range of spaces and can be accompanied by workshops on puppet making and movement.

Directed by Josh Elwell

Is an Associate Director for Forest Forge Theatre Company, where he set up and ran the youth theatre and many other community projects.

He has appeared in over 200 episodes of the BBC Worldwide production of 'Zing Zillas' and 'Zing Bop' as a puppeteer and voice artist. He also played Billy the Badger in 26 episodes of the BAFTA winning 'Big City Park' on CBeebies and has appeared in a variety of other children's TV shows including award winning show, 'Pajanimals' from The Jim Henson Company & Sixteen South

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